Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Round Up

Happy Monday!! We had a very busy weekend so let me jump right in!

Friday: After Tommy took Layla home, Ben and I went out to dinner. After dinner we went by Home Depot for paint and a new kitchen faucet.

Saturday: We slept in, then I got started on Layla's room while Ben got started on the faucet.

Layla's room paint (Tinkerbell), this photo reminds me of the 80's. The color is bright... I am on the fence about it but Ben and Layla love it. I'm hoping the big white tree I paint on the wall is going to help break it up. I tried to get pictures of the room done, but for some reason they all showed up with white looking walls and it's definitely not white. I'll try again tonight with a different camera. Once I got the first coat done I started sanding these: 
Here they are all Spackled! Sanding went really fast (while Ben ran back to Home Depot because we bought the wrong kind of faucet) cleaning up all the dust was another story. I think I will be dusting it off of stuff for quite awhile. After that I did the second coat of paint on Layla's room and Ben did the second coat on the trim. Then we quickly got ready and headed to a bar for a birthday party.

Sunday: We got up fairly early and headed to Wal Mart because Ben didn't find a faucet he like Saturday. We actually found we liked for $55.00! Then a quick stop at Target and home in time to meet my Mom to get Layla! My Mom was going to JC Penny's so decided to tag along. Which ended up being a great idea! We stopped by Goodwill and I found a cute little table for $7.99 and at JC Penny's I found 2 pairs of shoes, a new purse, a pair of jeans for Ben and a shirt and a Tinkerbell placement for Layla! I love shopping!
My new purse, sitting on my desk at work. Ahh Houndstooth! Once I got home I cleaned and we moved the playroom around. Ben's enormous piano was in a bad place and the room just needed to be switched. It feels much better now!

This week is all about the stairs! They need a quick sweep tonight and then I can start painting them!!!

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