Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday Randoms

  • I am so glad it’s almost the weekend! I think I start all my random posts with this one. 
  • It has been in the high 70’s here all week and now it’s 50’s and rainy. WTF! 
  • I’m going to the Yard Sale of Yard Sales this weekend! My Mom, Ben and I go every year. 
  • Tossing around the idea of repainting my kitchen floor. When I first painted it I wanted a light green which turned out more white then anything and it is so annoying to keep clean! Even when it’s clean it doesn’t look clean.
  • My pallet project never got finished. Those things are freaking hard to take apart!
  • I’m trying acupuncture on Monday… I’m a little nervous.  
  • I was rear ended yesterday, and the dude just drove off! Luckily Layla wasn’t in the car, it wasn’t bad but still who drives off?! My back bumper is all scratched up and I am upset about it! Yesterday was just an awful day all around!
  • I went to bed at 8:00pm last night. It was awesome and I feel much better about life today!
  • Layla learned how to write her name the other day! She’s a genius!
    And I think that’s all I have! Happy Thursday!

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