Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dear A Few TV Shows,

Spoilers! If you haven’t seen last night’s HIMYM or last week’s Greys. Stop reading!

Dear How I met your mother,  

I really really really like you! Really, you are one of the few shows the Hubs and I enjoy watching together… But this current season is driving me a little mad. Every week if you’re on, I get excited and think we’re going to get somewhere and then we don’t. Most of the episodes fill like filer episodes to me. Even last night while it was a great hour long episode I really thought we'd get a small look at the freaking Mother! But I am so glad that Robin and Barney are getting married! I called this at the beginning of the season. Speaking of Robin, why are you making her look so awful this season? Her hair really sucks. Marshall, I love you. You can do no wrong, ever. Even with your very bad drunk acting last night.

Dear Two Broke Girls,

I kind of like you. I think Kat Denning is super uncomfortable in her waitress outfit. Thank you so much for Nick Zano. I have loved him since What I like about you!

Dear Andy Cohen/Bravo,

You are a freaking genius! Seriously every show on this station I watch. Well every housewives show and dating show but I’m not down with the cooking ones. My husband says he hates you then watches everything with me…. Watch what happens live, hilarious! You are so cute!  Please keep all the RH of whatever on forever, especially New Jersey.

Cougar Town,

You crack my S up! I was so excited about the possibility of Laurie and Travis getting together! Please let this happen! Laurie is my favorite! Thank you TBS for saving this show!

Greys Anatomy,

Yeah, I still watch this show. Agh, what will come next season? A plane crash?! One of my worst fears, I hate flying! When I heard that someone was going to die, I totally thought Kepner was going to commit suicide or something. But now I don’t know, but I do know you’re going to make me cry. Again.

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