Friday, May 4, 2012

Week in Pictures

Happy Friday!!! Woo! This has been an interesting week, Monday I tried acupuncture… It was cool, I don’t know how much I believe it but it didn’t hurt and I got to lay in a dark room with a heat lamp uninterrupted for 30 minutes.  That was pretty much worth it. Anyways on to the pictures!

The first grass cutting of the year! Ahhh it looks so nice!

Layla, she thinks she’s too cool for this picture

Elmer thinks so too. He’s not impressed with me.

I am obsessed with veggie pizza!

Driving into my hood.

Wednesday Ladies Night! We switched it up this week and did it at Sharon’s house. These drinks were so good! Found on Pinterest, of course! Where else do you find things? It’s called Girls Night In.


Vanilla Vodka

Strawberry Soda

Toss a frozen Strawberry in

Layla’s silly face!

Monkey Bread! Oh this stuff is so good! I recently bought my first bunt pan. Normally I make Monkey Bread in a cupcake pan but I had to try it the original way. I like the cupcake pan a lot better.
And that is most of my week in pictures! (Most pictures are from my Instagram Kristakins_) This weekend we are headed to the sort of local theme park Silverwood. Its opening weekend and a super sweet friend gave us free tickets. Saturday night were celebrating Cinco De Mayo with my amazing enchiladas (I'll post a recipe sometime soon) and some sort of Mexican drinks. Have a fabulous weekend!

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