Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Two weeks ago? I think, I mentioned we were going to take Layla to Silverwood this is our semi local theme park. It's about an hour or so away. Its def no Disneyland or anything close to that but it’s not bad. It’s a lot of fun, and in the summer there is a water park so that is pretty cool! I mentioned before but I grew up in CA so weekend trips to Disneyland or Six Flags happened fairly often, the first time I went to Silverwood I wasn’t impressed. But once you live here forever and it’s all you got, you learn to love it!

  1. Layla on her 1st ever ride by herself!!! I might have almost cried
  2. It was super cold that day!
  3. On another ride, this ride kind of sucked basically just a mini Ferris wheel and it was very slow.
  4. Layla with Ottie! So cute! She’s not afraid of these things at all! 
  5. Ben on the Carousel
  6. Layla on the “go up high & drop you ride” again
  7.  My two loves! Layla didn’t nap at all that day
  8. Layla Lou on the Carousel, we rode it like 9 times
  9. Lou on the planes again, this was by far her favorite ride! 

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