Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Best Chicken Enchiladas!

I promised awhile ago to post my enchilada recipe, it’s fairly easy just a little time consuming. Here’s everything you need bedsides the enchilada sauce, and I think that’s the trick it has to be green sauce.
Shredded Chicken

Chopped Onions

Corn Tortillas

Lots of Cheese!

& Geen Sauce

I’ve started tossing my chicken in the crock pot so it can cook all day and be super easy to shred.

I toss each tortilla in some oil for just a bit, to get the edges a little brown. Then add the chicken, onions and cheese to each one then roll it up! Once they are all in you baking dish dump a ton of green sauce on them and more cheese!

Toss them in a 400 oven till everything is all melted and perfect!

& eat!

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