Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A random list of songs I could listen to a lot

1) Wonderful Tonight, Eric Clapton- This is Our Song. We were 19 in a bar in a tiny town called Naches, WA. I don’t know how we were in there or why they were serving us but we were tipsy, slow dancing to a really bad cover of this song and Ben said, “One day I’m going to marry you.” Awww swoon!

2) Layla, Eric Clapton-Obvious reasons, but because of the above we named Layla, Layla. I can’t wait until she realized why everyone sings her name to her like that.

3) Forever, Ben Harper-If I could re pick my wedding song this would be it!

4) Cold Desert, Kings of Leon- I love the line “Hand over your heart, let’s go home.”

5) Heart, Alone- I love me some 80’s. Did you know this song was also recorded by John Stamos for the sitcom Dreams?

6) Nothing Man, Pearl Jam-Why are most of these slow songs?!

7) I Drove all Night, Cindy Lauper-In high school a friend had concert video of Cindy’s that we watched multiple times a day. She rocks!

8) Chicken-N-Beer, Ludacris-The whole album, its classic! I can’t pick 1 song. Reminds me of a crazy weekend trip to Canada when I was 20. You don’t have to be 21 to drink in Canada.

9) Chronic 2001, Dr. Dre-Again a whole album. Senior year '01 rolling in the 73 Super Beatle!

10) Toxic, Britney Spears- It’s Britney Bitch.

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