Friday, June 29, 2012


Jumping on the bandwagon and joining in with Friday’s letters:


Dear Layla, Kid you are hilarious! Seriously. Thanks for letting me snuggle with you last night; I know “you’re not a baby anymore!” so I try to be in the moment and enjoy our together time. Dear Lion King… um you have a ton of really weird scenes I’ve never noticed before. And you always make me tear up a when Mufasa dies. Dear Ben, you are pretty awesome! It’s cool and a little creepy how well you can read my mind. Dear Audrey, I know we’ve had some rough times but I am glad we are working on our relationship. It feels good to be excited to hear from you, I hope we continue on this. Dear Work Day, hurry the F up! I want to relax and chill with my people tonight!

& a picture of my Sweetie!

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