Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend in Pic's

This week linking up with Ashlee & Savanah

Saturday we went down to Art Fest, here's Layla getting her face painted

1: Layla had to take her purse shopping with us Sunday. She was so cute with it!
2: Friday night before my Ladies came over. The house was lookin clean and smellin fresh!
3: Layla at dinner Saturday night. Right before this I called 911 on a Bum Fight...
4: Ben at Art Fest
5: Me and Layla's puppy Kia chillin at Art Fest
6: Being a Goof Ball


  1. Cute pics! It looks like she had fun at the Art Fest. I have to say I LOVE your chevron wall. So stinkin cute!

  2. Your house looks super cute! I have to take pictures of my clean house too because it doesn't last long.