Friday, June 22, 2012

Ben's going to be 29!

Well in 41 days! Since were only a year away from the big 3-0, were just going to do small parties this year. Ben mentioned just wanting to head out to a bar and have a bunch of friends meet us. But not wanting to go down town and deal with all the youngens’ we thought we'd find a Dive Bar. We have quite a few that we regular but we want something different...
This weekend my Momma asked to have Layla so she could take her to her town's rodeo and carnival so were taking the opportunity to scout out some dives! So tonight after my Step Dad picks up the girl and I cry I little were off.

Yesterday I hit up this website:

And found 5 that look promising and that we've never been too. Not sure if we will make it to all of them, but it should be a fun Friday night!

Oh and because she is so cute here a pic of Layla:

We actually had a nice day yesterday! When I picked her up from school we went to the splash pad and I let her get soaked in her clothes and ride home nakey!

Have great weekend!!!

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