Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Randoms!

Happy Friday!

• First off this week has been super rainy and cold! Wednesday it was 39 degrees when I was driving to work! WTF! That’s 7 degrees from snow! In June! Not cool Spokane, not cool.
• The weather normally doesn’t affect me or my moods, but this past week it has put me in a major funk!

• We have a kid sitter Saturday night. I’m pretty excited about this, were going to hit up Elk Fest and possibly meet up with one of Layla’s teacher aids.  Elk Fest has nothing to do with elk this was last year:
• Speaking of meeting up with Layla’s teacher aids… From the wonders of Facebook I found out we went to the same high school, she just went there a year after me. This is weird cause Ben and I went to a really small high school in a really small town. Months ago we were out at a Club (which never happens) and I had a little too much to drink, getting down shaking my groove thing and I hear Hey Layla’s Mom! So embarrassed! I might have left right then… (I did, and left my friend Joey) Anyways we’ve since become close and she’s really cool. & promised not to call me Layla’s mom while I’m out :)

• My older brother is going to be a Dad in less than a month. This is exciting and terrifying. He’s 31 going on 9, everything is about him, he doesn’t have a solid relationship with the baby Momma, and I kind of think he thinks the baby will be a 3 year old when it’s born. But he’s so happy and excited about it, it’s really cute. Ben was of course excited about Layla but I think he was more freaked out and scared then anything.

• I bought 6 boxes of cereal yesterday for $11. Yay for local stores with cereal sales! & I checked out in the deli and bypassed checkout lines that wrapped around the store & women with carts overflowing with cereal.

• We have zero friends with kids. Well we now have a few friends that are pregnant but no friends that had a kid almost 4 years ago. So I am thinking about inviting Layla’s preschool class to her birthday party. When I picked her up the other day I counted all their names on their jacket hooks… 19?! WHAT?! I have never seen 19 kids in that class. Here’s hoping only 2 or 3 show up.

Have a fab weekend!!!

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