Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3rd Annual Ugly Sweater Party…

We throw an annual Christmas party every year; I think it’s been like 5 or 6 years running. 3 years ago we decided to turn it into an Ugly Sweater Party! (A party where everyone is required to wear a hideous holiday sweater. Most are purchased from Goodwill) It turned out to be a hit and now it’s a party everyone looks forward to every year! The last 3 years we’ve done the party at my friend Jen’s house, she had a large basement and room to handle all the people that come. This year since we have the new house (& 3 bathrooms YAY) Ben and I are hosting. I. Cannot. Wait!

I think I might have mentioned this before, but I love to entrain and plan parties! I could do it every day and sill loves it! Anyways here are some of my ideas for the par-tay!

A dessert table! Featuring these:

& Chocolate covered pretzels, Tiger Butter, Cupcakes, Cake Mix Cookies, and Candy Canes.

My house is pretty much decorated with all my usual Christmas decorations but I plan to wrap a few pictures that I already have hanging and I am going to include lots of green and red tissue paper pom poms! These things are so easy and make a huge pop! And lots of candles, I would like to keep the lights low and let the Christmas lights do most of the work. We’ll see, it might be too dark.

I’m also going to set up a photo “booth”. I purchased antler ears and a few other things for props. Can’t wait to see the pictures that will develop from this.

I’m going to run some fun wrapping paper down the center of my bar and the center of my dessert table then load them both up with food at different heights. I’m kind of stuck on real food though, I want easy finger foods. So far I have meatballs… Yeah. I need to get thinking about this. My downstairs is currently decorated with snowflakes and I think I am going to leave that pretty much the same. I have a small tree down there that I need to add some decorations to. It was supposed to be outside but for some reason our house only has 1 plug in outside so that was quickly used up for lights.

And the rest will come later as I figure it out. The party is December 18th so I have a little bit of time but I really need to get down to business! Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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