Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Randomness

Another random post. I am so. freaking. busy... Why is it that you get older and you have every weekend for most of your life planned out? :) It's not all bad but annoying at times. Anyways here's my weekend wrap up and some randomness.

Friday: I picked Layla up from school and we ran to Target. We got popcorn and a sprite and shopped a little bit. Target is our closest store besides a grocery store so it feels like I am there everyday. I got my step Mom a present and some stocking stuffers. Ben had plans to do some shopping after work so Layla and I went home and ate chicken nuggets, mashed potatoes and green beans. Her favorite meal ever. Afterwards she took a bath then we cuddled on my bed and watched The Santa Clause 2, or #1 I don't remember. I think I watched some of all them at some point this weekend. I let her stay up late to see Daddy. Once he got home he brushed her teeth and put her to bed. Then we picked up the house and watched the Food Network. Exciting Friday night!

Saturday: We got up fairly early and went to see Santa! Layla was SO excited to see him! She's a super friendly kid but I was a little nervous about her actually sitting with him. But she rocked it! We got some really cute pictures and then we had a break down... Layla was under the impression that she was going  to get what she asked for right then. She did not want to wait until Christmas. Poor kid, I guess we didn't explain that very well. Then we went home and my Mom and I went shopping for the rest of the day. Saturday night our friends Becca and Toby came over and listened to Layla sleep so Ben and I could go out to dinner. It was great to get some alone time! I really needed! After dinner we went shopping for party stuff.

Sunday: We cleaned house, and I made chicken enchiladas. our good friends Aprill and Josh and their two girls Makayla and Maddie came over and we exchanged gifts with the kiddos. I've mentioned this before by Layla and Kayla are 6 weeks apart so they are super close! There was a lot of running and screaming!

And for the Random:
  • I have soo much to do this week for the party!
  • I'm excited for a weekend to ourselves but it is going to be non stop! I think I might Ben get up early and take me to a movie Saturday morning!
  • I need to have the house party ready by Thursday. Friday we have to take Layla to my Mom's then go to a get together.
  • Anyone ever made Cake Mix Cookies? I'm going to make some for the party but I've never done it. Are they good?
And here is a picture of Layla with Santa, it's a cell phone picture of a picture sorry about the glare.

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