Monday, December 27, 2010

Wow, it’s been awhile.

How time flies when you are ridiculously busy. Or you were ridiculously busy then you get some free time and all you want to do it chill! The Ugly Sweater Holiday Party went off without a hitch! It was a lot of fun, I was exhausted and as soon as the last guest left I went straight to bed. My amazing Hubs cleaned most of the house for me and it was a great surprise to wake up too! My pictures didn’t turn our very well; I think I am going to look into a picture taking course. It’s hard for me to capture the moment. I will post them very soon though.

So to catch you up! The 18th was the party, Ben and I had a pretty relaxing day since I had gotten most of the party ready during the week. We got up and went and saw the movie Due Date. Way funny! The party came and went. Sunday we hung out with Layla and who was insanely grumpy! Around 5pm we fought with her to go to our really good friends get together. Finally she was in the car with her new Yo Gabba Gabba DVD and doing much better. When we got to Robert & Dana’s house for our after Thanksgiving Thanksgiving she turned into a completely different kid! She was happy, friendly and had a great time! We had some amazing food and it was great to see a bunch of friends! Monday Ben and I had the day off so we got to spend extra time with the Princess. When she went down for a nap I braved the crowds and finished up my Christmas shopping for Ben. The res t of the week was pretty uneventful.

Christmas Eve, Ben had the day off so he got to sleep in and hang with Layla. So jealous! I had to work but only had to stay until 10:00am. Then I ran to Target and got a few last minute things for my Mom and headed home. Ben and I cleaned the house and loaded the car. When Layla woke up we headed out to my Moms. Once we got there we ate, played, hung outside by the fire, and ate some more. My older brother Eddie made Layla a cute little sledding hill and she sledded forever on a garbage can lid! Christmas morning brought a ton of gifts and a super excited Layla! We ate a Mexican food feast around 3pm then headed home. Yesterday we ventured out into the crowds for some new shoes for Layla and groceries. I also ran by target for the new Donkey Kong game, which I stayed up way too late playing last night! Anyways so now we are up to date! Here’s a quick cell phone picture of what I think is my favorite Christmas present! My brother got me this beautiful vintage cupcake (I think) stand! I am already planning a party around it! Maybe a brunch or high tea!

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