Friday, February 25, 2011


Another weekend! I am excited for this one! My step dad Tommy (Layla's Papa) is working in town today and is going to take the Princess home with him tonight. Tomorrow we are painting her room! I decided on Tinkerbell Green. Green was my first thought and I keep having visions of green, light pink and pearly white. I posted on my Facebook that I was looking for someone to paint a large tree on one of her walls. I'm sure I could do it but having someone who knew what they were doing would be better. Anyways no one thought they could do it but I had a great suggestion to contact our local high school and see if an art student would be interested. I sent an email yesterday, so we will see. 

Here's are my two Thrift Store finds from last Saturday when my Mom and I went. I am thinking of painting the lamp ($2.99) or leaving it and putting it in my guest room. 

This is my little vase thing (.99 cents) that I put in the dishwasher and it ate all the pretty blue flowers off. I still really like it though! 

Have a fantastic weekend!!!! (Still working on the stairs, hoping to get a lot done this weekend!)

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