Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Weekend & Random

I was lucky enough to have a 4 day weekend! Ben took Friday off and we took Layla down to Mobius (A children's museum, providing a safe, nurturing place for young children and their families to learn and grow through hands-on activities in the arts, culture and science.) We've never been before but had heard great things about it, well we are now HOOKED and planning on buying a season pass! It was great! Layla had a ton of fun! Here's 2 blurry pictures of it! (She was running around like crazy) 

Layla & Daddy making something!

Chilling in a canoe! We played for quite awhile then it was breakdown mode when we left.
:( Poor toddler!

Saturday, I went Thrifting with my Mom. I didn't find much, a mirror for Layla's big girl room and a white vase thing with blue flowers on it. But when I washed it in the dishwasher my dishwasher ate the flowers off it.

Sunday... We went grocery shopping... I think that's about it.

Monday: Layla and I went out to Aprill's so the girls could play. Then we came home and lil Miss decided not to nap... So as I mentioned yesterday, we went to Home Depot and another thrift store then home to make dinner.

This was Layla on the way home from school yesterday. She kept saying "it's really REALLY Sunny out today Mommy!" (Yes, I took this while sitting at a stop light..)

After the kiddo went to bed last night I made two little pillows!  
They are little and a little lumpy.... I'll have to fix that. And I need about 3 more to make my bed look compete.

Last week when Bren was here she bought me this cute flower pot it was blooming so pretty this morning so I snapped a few pictures! 

This one smells amazing!!!!!

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