Friday, February 11, 2011

New things!

Happy Friday!!! Here are a few new things I've picked up this week:

New knobs for my family room coffee table.

Elmer helping :)
I bought this table at Goodwill about a year ago. The two little windows where you see the fabric had actual windows there but one was broken and it was missing a knob. It was $1.99! I had plans for it to be a patio coffee table which it was for a few months then it moved inside when we bought the new house. So far I've painted it black, brown and now white. I think I might go back over it with more of antique white though...

A few weeks ago I was vacuuming and broke our vacuum. I was a little ticked. But then we started looking at vacuums and realized we’ve had our little cheap one for 7 years?! So off to Sears we went and ending up coming home with this little beauty.

DC33 Multi floor


From their website: Upright for multiple floor types - carpet, ceramic, vinyl, wood Root Cyclone™ Technology Telescope reach wand Lightweight and easy to carry Lifetime washable HEPA filter Hygienic bin emptying

I love it!!! Have a great weekend!

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