Thursday, March 8, 2012

March Photo A Day

Just 8 days into March and I’m realizing how hard this is! It is nice to take a picture everyday though, I find myself thinking ahead and looking forward to it. So far I’ve only missed one day. #4 bedside. But really my bedside is not every interesting, at least 4 nail polishes, 3 glasses of water and a bunch of other junk.
#1 Up: On my way to work, a pretty sunrise!
#2 Fruit: My apple a day
#3 Neighborhood: Kind of cheated on this one, this is out my back porch but these threes are all over my neighborhood.
#5 A Smile: Layla Lou and Elmer
#6 5:00pm: No explanation needed  
#7 Something you Wore: Something I wore, which tuned into a boob shot…

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