Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday & Weekend Round Up!

Happy Monday!!! Our Monday started out not so great... Ben locked is keys in his truck Friday evening. Luckily it was in the driveway and we don't normally take the truck anywhere on the weekends. So this morning he goes to open the back slider and get his keys and it was so cold outside that when he tried to push it open it shattered. Agh, if it's not one thing it's another. Poor guy had to drive to work this morning  without a window and it was about 3 degrees.

Anyways, our weekend round up:

Friday Evening: Aprill, Josh and the girls came over. We had pizza and let Layla and Kayla run around like crazys. They left around 8pm and we got lil Miss in bed. Then just chilled, I was tired after a long week.

Saturday: Woke up fairly early, got some chicken in the crock pot for pulled chicken sandwiches. I went into town to pick up my bother. Around 1pm my Mom, Tom and step sister Ashley came over. We set up in the family room to watch an AMAZING Seahawks game! Later our family friend Joe came over then after the game our friends Toby and Becca stopped by too. It was a busy day!

Sunday: We cleaned a bit and went grocery shopping. Super, exiting day.

Now it's the work week and I am going to paint the family room. I am a after the kiddo goes to bed warrior! Anyone every taken left over paint back to Home Depot to have it tinted a different color? I have a lot of some off white paint I'd like tinted darker.... Why buy new paint when I already have it? I'll post befores maybe tomorrow and afters whenever it's done.
Happy Week!

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