Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday & Painted Wall Paper!

The family room is so close to being finished! One wall needs one more coat and I have another half wall I need to finish doing this to:

I have been dying to do a stencil on a wall and then a few days ago I ran across Jones Design Company's Blog. And fell in love! Emily blogged about this and even posted a template. I did mine a little easier  different and am loving it!  I am hoping to finish the other little wall tonight and get a second coat on it all. I'll let you know the details next week.

Here's a  picutre of the other wall, and it's finally finshed!!!

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  1. Looks great! I'd love to know what you did differently that made it easier?! I'm thinking of trying something like this in the foyer!

  2. HAHA Well only slightly easier, Emily did double lines and I am still not sure how she did it. I just did the one outline but it was still time consuming! I said about a 100 times, why do I get myself into projects like this?!