Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Round Up & Another Thrift Store Find

Weekend Round Up:

This weekend was busy but restful!

Friday: We didn't do much, went to dinner and Home Depot to pick out paint for the family room then home to put Layla Bean to bed. I painted a little in the family room. Right now there is paneling on the bottom half of two walls so I've been painting that and the trim white. It looks a million times better! I always hated paneling but there's something about the painted paneling I really like. It's a freaking pain to paint though.

Saturday: Ben went with a bunch of friends to pick up a free piano we have recently acquired! Layla and I went to Target and I got a new lamp shade for my lamp I posted about last week. Then we ran home then back into town for a birthday party for our friends little boy Braxton, he turned 1! It was at a Chucky Cheese type place and Layla had a blast! Then back home to drop the kiddo off with Daddy and back into town to Ross for a mirror (and an elephant!) and back to Home Depot to get the paint from the night before tinted darker. (I still don't like the color, it's too dark now. Maybe 3rd times a charm) The first shade was too yellow/oatmeal colored. Ok well maybe Saturday wasn’t restful. But after Layla went to bed, Ben and I played a lot of Donkey Kong on Wii. Anyone have this game? It is hard! But a lot of fun!

Sunday: We went grocery shopping, cleaned and watch football! I also deep cleaned my car! OMG it looks amazing!

Ok and here is another find from Monday. I'm in a painting everything white stage, I have a lot of black in my house and I like the way the white looks with it. This is hanging in my bedroom where the walls are a really dark gray (Dark Ask to be exact)

At first I thought I would take the flower thing out of there but then it grew on me.

Kind of fuzzy but that's a $2.99 price tag plus the whole store was 50% off

Getting a coat of white spray paint!

Ahh so pretty!

Have a fabulous Monday!

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