Friday, January 7, 2011

Cool Website!

Happy Friday Blog World! I am so ready for the weekend! Tonight our friends Aprill and Josh and their girls Kayla and Maddie are coming over for pizza and fun! Layla and Kayla (rhyming names are so cool!) are Bestie’s and Layla is going to freak when they show up! I’ve said this before but they are 6 weeks apart and it’s been amazing watching them go from little baby bumps to sitting up with each other to now running and playing together! Tomorrow we are having my Mom, Step Dad Tommy and his daughter (my step sister I guess… Long story but she’s just recently come into our lives) over to watch the Seahawks play in the PLAYOFFS!!!! I don’t know how it happened but yes, we are in the playoffs! Bad news, were playing the Saints and I doubt were going to win but it’s exciting anyways and I love any opportunity to entertain!

Anyways, I was somewhere online awhile back and read something about this website the Foundary. I have yet to buy anything from them but I love looking at their goods! This is from their FAQ’s

What is the Foundary?

the Foundary is your source for daily indulgence in coveted home essentials at up to 70% off retail. Every day, Foundary members receive an email with new sales events featuring products to shape their homes- all at unprecedented savings.

Sales Events

How many sales events are offered per week?

New sales are announced daily. Each announcement includes 4-7 different events, offering selections of products from a variety of home living categories.

When do sales events start?

Foundary sales events typically start at 11 a.m. EST. There are some exceptions, which are announced via email and on the Foundary website.

How long do sales events last?

The majority of Foundary sales events last 3 days (72 hours), though some events may run as long as 5 days (120 hours)

I get really excited to get their email every day! Also I am a nut for bulldogs and they are all over this site! So you have to sign up but it’s free and they email you great deals everyday! Simple!

Have an awesome weekend!

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