Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Painting more things white & a Elephant

Now that I can post pictures again I have a few things to show. And my name is Krista and I am obsessed with Elephants. I want to buy everyone I see and have more then a few in my house.

First off here's a bad picture of my lamp with a new shade. I'm liking it but wishing it was bigger. It's gray, I'm thinking about maybe hot gluing some black ribbon around the edges or just making it black all together. And my cute little white bird, you'll see more of him in a minute.

Here is a cute little Owl that I painted. He was owl colors and .59 cents.

My cute little bird, this guy came white, i think he was a $1.00

I've been looking for a plate or dish to put on our entryway table to toss our keys in. Everything was expensive and not really what I wanted. So I found this leaf at Goodwill (I think) it was $1.99 so I scooped him up. Once I got home and got ready to paint it I noticed it was from Pier One.

And painted white, chilling on the entryway table:
(My keys, with a elephant key chain...)

And my lovely little Elephant, I am in a white stage! I am crazy drawn to it for some reason. Anyways this came from Ross and I couldn't pass him up!

So freaking cute!

I put up a few Valentine’s Day decorations this weekend that I will post later this week, not much but it is still January.

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  1. Hi! I saw your post on the D&R board about blogging and I totally agree. It'd be great to get more feedback - I blog about my life, work, and mostly decorating so I know it's not the most interesting to read something, but it's funny to see blogs that are similar that have TONS of followers. A little discouraging. I just try to do my own thing (even though I check the tracker everyday and it's usually pretty low). I do notice that it spikes quite a bit when I post on the message board, so that's a good way to get your name out there. Who knows!

    Anyway, wanted to say that I loved your thrift store finds! I recently scored a few, but am always envious of everyone's sweet deals!