Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love Lamp!

I really really love this lamp I picked up at a Thrift Store on Monday. I had MLK Jr. day off so Layla and I went to pick up Uncle Eddie and do some thrift store shopping! Our first stop was the Teen Thrift Store where the whole store was 50% off! I think I spend $5.42 and my lovely lamp was $2.50! Anyways, he needs a new shade really bad so don't judge that, but here he is :)

Really needs a new shade, I'm thinking black...

Up close

Another one

And another one of the bamboo detail.

Sigh, I love it! Since I've taken my Christmas decorations down my house feels empty, my pretty massive lamp helps with that. Doing a quick Google search I think it's from the 1970's and the style is called Hollywood Regency. I couldn't find any things exactly like mine (most were smaller) but similar ones are selling close to $800.00!? Holy! I big heart him though and I was really surprised that Ben liked him too! 

I'm still having camera issues, so I'm going to break my thrift store finds post up a bit. 

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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