Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend Round Up!

Busy, Busy Weekend! Friday we went dinner then home to put the kiddo to bed. Then Ben started cleaning and I started making decorations. Back story tomorrow is my older brother Eddie’s 31st birthday. For the last 3 weeks I’ve been trying to get him to make a plan for it. Although in the back of my head I always knew it was going to be at my house. So Wednesday night his girlfriend calls and asks if we can have a get together. Everything was quickly thrown together but I think it turned out well!
Anyways Saturday morning my Mom picked up Layla and I left Ben to clean some more while I went to get my hair done! Lol thanks, Benny! Here’s some shots of the decorations, nothing too fancy since I only had a few days. All taken with my celly, sorry.
Drink Area. I love my Chevron wall!

Cute 31 Banner I made

Eddie Banner

We had a taco bar, Eddie’s favorite! The food was so good! Thanks to Eddie’s girlfriend for helping with that!  
Sunday since my Mom had Layla we slept in! Till like 10am! It was amaze! Then we hurried our butts out to get her! Breaks are so nice, but man do I miss her!
Happy Monday!

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