Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Weekend Round Up

I got absolutely nothing accomplished this weekend. Saturday morning Layla woke up with a fever and an awful cough! Poor baby was feeling terrible. Ben’s co workers wife (got that?) came over to look at Elmer. She’s a vet and we’ve noticed this spot on his ear that he keeps messing with. Turns out my poor puppy has skin cancer. Agh talk about broken heart! Since it’s at a funny place on his ear, the back and close to his head removing it is not possible. BUT she gave us a bunch of stuff to keep it wrapped until it heals (right now it’s basically an open wound, cause Mister won’t leave it alone) and she doesn’t think it’s really going to affect him much. She was positive for a few more healthy years with him. He will from now on always have to be covered in baby sunscreen when he’s outside which we’ve done in the past but haven’t been be that great at. As I mentioned before I got Elmer when I was 19 so he’s very well known and loved in our circle of friends, right now we’re just kind of keeping this to ourselves. I don’t want to worry anyone and with his age (He’ll be 10 this summer) we figured a few more years was about all we had left.
So after all that we had an ER with the Princess. Hours later just to be told everything came back negative. Today though Ben took her to Urgent care and got a doctor that wanted to see her and figure shit out. Do you ever feel like with kids sometimes you get a real doctor and other times you get one who just thinks you’re an over concerned parent? Anyways little Miss Layla has viral pneumonia. Posting will be spotty this week as I get my little girl healthy.
Have a wonderful week!

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