Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ladies Night!

Lately me and my Girls Jen and Becca have been getting together almost weekly on Wednesdays for ladies night. We’ve been trying new places and revisiting old favorites. It’s been fantastic! Lots of laughs, drinks and besties! It’s almost always during Happy Hour so drinks and food are on the cheap and it’s just fabulous to unwind with my Ladies!

Last night we had plans to go to the Davenport’s Safari Room. The Davenport is Spokane’s fanciest hotel and for Happy Hour they do a $5 menu. Unfortunately Jen had to work her 2nd job that night and since it was her idea to go there, Becca and I decided to wait until next week when she can make it.

So we went to the Steam Plant instead! This place is an old fav and it has amazing ambiance! The steamstacks can be seen from all over the city, plus free parking downtown win win!

The twin 225’ smokestacks were hand-formed, using a total of 333,340 bricks! The Steam Plant provided heat to most of the major buildings in downtown Spokane until 1986. (I was 3!) After being a home to workers and equipment producing steam heat almost non-stop for over 70 years, the Steam Plant sat idle for almost a decade before finding its new purpose – to house 80,000 square feet of offices, retail spaces and the Steam Plant Brewing Company and Stacks Restaurant.

Pretty Awesome, but here’s the real reason we choose this place: HUCKLEBERRY HARVEST ALE - A light-bodied beer with a subtle aroma of huckleberries and just a hint of sweetness on the palate.  I’ve been craving this beer for weeks! It’s oh so good! Actually any of their beers are good!

Standing in a Steamstack

A jalapeño beer sample  
Can't wait until next week! Do you have a group of girls or friends that meet regularly? What do you guys do?

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