Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Round Up

This weekend…. Friday night we had some friends over for a nice round of Apples to Apples. I didn’t win. The house across the street from and to the left is for sale. I know the owners have moved out so late Friday night Becca & I snuck across the street and looked in the windows. Do you ever do this? It looks nice, a lot like our house but smaller.
Saturday I hung out with my Mom. We did a little shopping; I bought a dress for our upcoming trip to Portland. We never made it to the Falls, it was rainy and cold.
Sunday, we woke up to a beautiful day! We cleaned cars out, took a trip to the dump. Layla loves this, I don’t know why. It stinks! I finally found a pallet for my project. While the kiddo was napping Ben and I did some yard work, planted some blubs that we got in the Fall… Yeah I doubt we’ll see the flowers this year, but maybe next. When Layla woke up we went to the nearby elementary school, we played and rode bikes. It was the perfect Sunday! We finished the day with some yummy bbq’d steaks for dinner!
And here is the cutest video you will ever see! J Layla telling her favorite Knock Knock Joke.

Layla: Knock Knock
Me: Who's there
Layla: Smell Mop
Me: Smell Mop Who?
Layla: Disgusting! I don't want to smell poo!
Have a great week!!!

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